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 Protection and Anti-epidemic products >> Face mask flaking machine V0130
Product Name:Face mask flaking machine V0130
Item No.:V0130
* This machine can automatically produce masks without ear rings. The whole procedure consists of automatically making three layers together, automatically pressing nose support, automatically ultrasonic Melting and cutting. Advantages of this machine are small size、
convenient working and high productivity.
* Main technical parameter:
  1- Input power: AC380V
  2- Total power: 4KW
  3- Motor Power and frequency: 2.2KW 50/60Hz
  4- Working speed: 90~120 pcs/min
  5- Machine size: length:3.2m; width 0.7m; height: 2.2m
  6- Package: 1 set/wooden case, case size:3600x500x1200mm, case G.w./N.w.:900/700 kgs.
  7- HS code: 8449009000

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