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 Diagnostic instruments and reagent >> High Large flow suction machine N210
Product Name:High Large flow suction machine N210
Item No.:N210
* This model is a novel modeling, high vacuum, high flow and transportable medical suction unit. It is able to absorb varied mucus rapidly from body cavity or wound, especially suitable for use in high capacity suction case.
* Feature
  1. Maintenance free, double piston cylinder, oil-less pump, and high flow rate, without pollution by oil mist.
  2. The bottles hung beside the stand, easy to observe and operate.
  3. Large-bore bottle with stopper having sealing ring is convenient to open and clean.
  4. Overflow protection prevents liquid entering pump.
  5. Transparent non-toxic PVC hoses and unique connections are easy to observe and link.
  6. Air filter equipped reduces bacterium in absorbed liquid to environmental pollution.
  7. Hand-switch and foot-switch installed in parallel can selected at will.
  8. Stability and durability, low noise, high capacity, easy to use.
* Specifications:
  1. Max Vacuum:≥0.09MPa(680mmHg);
  2. Vacuum adjustable range:0.02~0.09MPa(150~680mmHg);
  3. Flow rate:≥40L/min;
  4. Storage bottles: 3000ml×2;
  5. Noise:≤60dB(A);
  6. Input:250VA;
  7. Power supply: AC220V 50Hz;
  8. Packing: 1 pc is packed individually carton, carton size:350x270x410mm.
  9. Carton G.W./N.W.:25.6/23 kgs.
  10- HS code: 9018909010
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